Aftershave balm or lotion which is the best

Aftershave balm or lotion which is the best

The shaving habit of most men is to go out after shaving a beard and apply skin cream. But now this shaving mode has long been a thing of the past.

For men, shaving is as important as washing the face, and a little careless shaving may hurt the skin, so you better to do the corresponding care before and aftershave products to make the shaving more thorough. Men do not need to dress up in front of the mirror, like women, but they better to follow a few shaving steps.

So how to choose aftershave products

Choice of aftershave water, balm or lotion because aftershave products contain more mild alcohol, it is slightly more irritating than other skincare products, it is special, but the composition of aftershave is different for different skin types.

Oily and non-sensitive skin

Oily skin has a poor bacteriostatic ability. Choosing aftershaves that contain more alcohol can help the skin antibacterial and antibacterial, which will not only stimulate the skin but will be more beneficial.

Dry and sensitive skin type

This type of skin type is best to choose aftershave products containing vitamin C and vitamin E, in order to play a deeper protective role, many popular brands have Vitamin E is specially added to the formula, which greatly reduces skin irritation and makes the skin used more gentle and moist.

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