Best bath oils for you

Best bath oils for you

Bath oils have the advantage of being less irritating to the skin than bath creams. Bath oil has a modest moisturizing effect.

One of the most important things to avoid for the skin is “dryness”. Once you use a shower gel to wash your skin, the essential oils are washed away, and the skin becomes dry. However, because the bath oil does not have such strong detergency, it can retain the essential oils for the skin and has a moderate moisturising effect.

Cons of bath oil

The advantage is also a disadvantage. The detergency of the bath oil does not have such a strong advantage. On the other hand, it has the feeling of “not being cleaned”. Especially for people with oily skin and people with heavy body odour, there is no way to satisfy them with bath oil. This is a fundamental physical problem, not because the bath oil is not good.

Also, although bath oil is gentler on the skin than bath milk, if you use a lot of hard scrubs, it will still cause excessive oil shedding. Please take a gentle bath as much as possible.

Effective use of bath oil

The bath oil is less irritating than bath milk, but excessive use and vigorous scrubbing are still strictly prohibited. It does foam and takes a gentle shower as much as possible.

Recommended for people who use bath oil

The bath oil is recommended for people with dry or sensitive skin. Needless to say for people with dry skin, people with sensitive skin often have dry skin. Therefore, in addition to dry skin, it is recommended that people with sensitive skin also use a bath oil with a moisturising effect, which is very moisturising after washing.


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