Best colour blusher for mature skin

Best colour blusher for mature skin

Blusher has two functions of modifying the face shape and beautifying the complexion, making your face skin look healthy and rosy. After use, it will make your cheeks appear healthy and ruddy.

If eye makeup is the focus of face makeup and lipstick is an indispensable element in a cosmetic bag, then blusher is the best tool to modify the face shape and beautify the skin tone.

1) texture

There are 4 types of blushers, liquid, mousse, cream, and powder.

a. Liquid blusher: less oil content, or no oil, suitable for oily skin. It is recommended to use it before setting makeup and to control the area of ​​smudge when using it.

b. Mousse-like blusher: light texture, should not be too much at one time, rub it in multiple coverage methods, the effect will be more natural, suitable for oily skin.

c. Creamy blusher: The texture is smooth and suitable for dry skin. It is recommended to use it before setting makeup. Control the amount. The excessive amount will cause the blusher to become larger and larger.

d, powder blusher: light texture, easy to control the rubbing range, suitable for beginners and oily skin.

2 colours

The choice of blusher colour is important. The wrong blusher colour will make your face look strange.

Blusher is divided into pink, orange, red and brown-red.

a. The whiter the skin, the lighter the blusher colour; the darker the skin, the darker the blusher colour.

b. Cold-tone skin is suitable for pink blusher, and warm-tone skin is suitable for orange blusher.


Fair skin, suitable for pink blushers, such as pink, light peach, nude pink, etc. The skin is white and red, and the complexion is just right.

Yellowish skin, suitable for orange and dark peach blusher, such as apricot, coral, light purple, etc. But don’t use too cold blusher, it will make the face look grey or blue, and the colour looks strange.

Darker skin, suitable for amber and orange blushers, such as dark orange, brick red, berry, golden brown, etc. These blushers will make you look healthy and energetic, with natural beauty.


2.Blusher applying tool

Applying blusher is the same as applying foundation, with different tools, brushes, hands, sponges and even lipsticks.

Lipstick is a good blusher, but be sure to choose a light-coloured lipstick series that is similar in colour to ordinary blushers. Since the lipstick is also creamy, it should also be used before applying foundation.


3.Six types of blusher

Round blusher: It can soften the lines of the face, but it will make the face look more round.

Suitable for oval face, square face, diamond face

Oval blusher: full of intellectual texture, suitable for people who want mature makeup, especially for people with round faces, can be painted on daily or important occasions.

Suitable for oval face, round face, diamond face

Fan-shaped blusher: If you have beautiful cat eye makeup, choose this type of blusher to create a natural and good-looking look for extra points.

Suitable for any face shape

Heart-shaped blusher: Super Japanese blusher paint. Pink love, cute feeling, super suitable for a young girl.

Suitable for any face shape

One-piece (sunburn) blusher: full of vitality and vitality as if the sun was on the face.

Suitable for oval face, long face, diamond face

Cheek Color: A must-have blusher for straightforward makeup.

Suitable for any face shape

In addition to the common types of blusher, there are also decorative blushers based on face shape.


4.Blush painting vs face shape

Round face: Round face: find the position of the cheekbones, and sweep up along the cheekbones at an angle of about 45 degrees. The sense of lines can alleviate the overly round face.

Long face: Applying blush in a horizontal direction can visually balance the long face shape, which can extend all the way to the ear.

Square face: Draw a circle around your cheeks. A round blusher can weaken the overly tough chin lines.

Oval face: Starts from your cheeks and extends to the corners of your eyes.

Heart-shaped face: a very beautiful face. Starting from the highest point of the cheekbones, gently stretch the blusher like a circle. Don’t sweep diagonally, otherwise, your chin will look sharper.

Diamond-shaped face: smudge blusher should not be too long. Blush up slightly from the ear and brush diagonally towards the cheekbones. The colour should not be too red.


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