Best conditioner for damaged hair

Best conditioner for damaged hair

Is your hair okay? Many people are worried about hair now. Hair loss, frizz, and lifelessness like a pile of hay, in order to make your hair healthy and smooth and shiny, conditioner is essential when washing hair. (Shampoo and conditioner are inseparable care steps, see Best hair shampoo reviews)

In general, conditioners can protect the hair, but do you know that if used incorrectly, the conditioner may not only fail to protect the hair, but it will also counteract damage to the hair. How to use these conditioners correctly, you should know.

1. The conditioner should not touch the scalp.

The hair near the root is new and healthy hair, and only the tip of the hair is ageing, split and damaged hair. Therefore, the conditioner only needs to be applied in the hair to the end of the hair, otherwise, the oily ingredients in the conditioner will easily remain on the scalp, block the hair follicles, and even cause hair loss in severe cases.

2. Don’t use the same brand of conditioner with the same effect for a long time.

Every 3 to 6 months of the same conditioner should be replaced appropriately according to the season, hair quality and personal experience.

3. Rinse the conditioner with warm water in time.

After using the conditioner, rinse off with warm water in a manner timely. If you do not wash it thoroughly, it will easily lead to residual conditioner, which may cause hair discolouration under sunlight.

4. Misunderstanding

Many people still have a misunderstanding about the conditioner, thinking that the longer the conditioner stays on the hair will have a better effect, but this is actually a wrong perception.

A long-term application does not improve the absorption effect of the conditioner but will cause the conditioner to adhere to the hair, which will easily damage the cuticle of the hair and even cause hair loss during washing. Therefore, it is recommended not to apply the conditioner for more than 10 minutes.

In addition, after we wash our hair, we should dry it in time. We can use a hairdryer to quickly dry the moisture on the surface of the hair, and then use a cold windshield for a while to close the stratum corneum. If the hair is allowed to air dry naturally, the cuticle of the hair will always be open during this process, and it is easy to contaminate dust and other dirty things in the air.


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