Best hair shampoo reviews

Best hair shampoo reviews

There are so many hot hair shampoo products in the supermarket and online stores. Do you know how to choose?
(The shampoo and conditioner are inseparable care steps, please see Best Conditioner for damaged hair)


This type of cleansing products is mainly used to improve the dryness and frizz of hair through moisturising and moisturising ingredients; suitable for dry and normal hair. However, if you choose a silicone-free series, it is recommended to use it with a conditioner.

Repair type

This type of shampoo uses hair nourishing ingredients mainly, such as essential oils to combine moisturising and repairing, penetrates into the inside of the hair, and repairs the stratum corneum and scales of the hair, suitable for frizzy, damaged and damaged hair.


The combination of strong cleansing and washing ingredients and moisturising ingredients can remove the scalp oil while locking the moisture of the hair, suitable for oily hair.

There are basically no additives in the product. Generally, it contains special ingredients for scalp care, and the fragrance is more natural. It is suitable for people with sensitive scalp and scalp damage. Because these products have natural ingredients, they can easily knot the hair. It is recommended to use low-irritant conditioner use.

High value

Different types of ingredients, suitable for beautiful girls who look at the appearance.


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