Best Lipsticks you should try

Best Lipsticks you should try

Lipsticks are a large family with different classification methods. There are roughly the following classification methods:

1, divided into four categories by texture: lip gloss, moisturizing lipstick, long-lasting lipstick and normal lipstick
1) Normal lipstick:

It is the most original and common lipstick, which is usually solid. Applying just the right amount of lipstick on your lips can make you more beautiful. The colour saturation is high, and the solid is generally not easy to overflow due to deep lip lines. It is often used to modify lip shape and lip colour. The main ingredients include waxes, oils and pigments, and some lipsticks with glitter effects also contain mica, iron oxide, titanium dioxide and other ingredients, so it is not suitable for long-term use.

2) Lip gloss:

The texture is transparent, which can be used directly to apply lips without highlighting the lip line, and the effect is not long-lasting but it is a popular item in young girls’ cosmetics.

3) Moisturising lipstick:

The oil is slightly lighter than lip gloss and is a basic makeup that is easy to apply. Highly moisturizing lipsticks have a soothing effect on dry and peeling lips. There are many moisturizing lipsticks. In addition to the highlighting effect, autumn and winter colours also add pearlescent and aurora effects.

4) Long-lasting lipstick:

The higher the powder, the stronger the matte effect. The new generation of long-lasting lipsticks have greatly increased the moisturization, and even the makeup is evener. It is generally better to apply directly to the lips than using a lip pencil.

2, According to the gloss of the lipstick can be divided into 4 types:

1) Gloss: Very transparent, with different degrees of gloss. Moisturises and protects dry lips, leaving lip gloss.

2) Transparent: transparent, slightly shiny. It has a longer-lasting thermal insulation effect than the gloss type and has a sun protection effect.

3) Milk fats: opaque and less shiny. It can make the lips feeling silky soft and smooth, the colour is uniform, the moisturising degree is longer than that of the transparent type, and it contains ingredients to prevent bleeding.

4) Matte: Extremely opaque, long-lasting but not bright, can not fade for 6-8 hours after application and is not easy to wipe off.

3, According to the colour system of lipstick:

1. Pink gives a young, warm and soft feeling;
2. Red gives a bright and eye-catching feeling;
3. The brown line will look dignified, elegant, and quite classical;
4, orange has red enthusiasm and yellow bright, giving an enthusiastic, active feeling, very suitable for young and lively girls to use.

After trying for a long time, when choosing a lipstick, I can always find my own method. Also, you can find How to find the best foundation for your skin type HERE!

1, Suitable for eye-catching colours
Dozens of colours side by side, of which one must be the most eye-catching. Lipsticks of this colour will particularly accentuate the lips. If you have perfect lip shape, neat teeth, and want to attract the attention of everyone, this one is the best choice.
2. Lipstick must not only match the face but also the clothes
Before applying lipstick, take the lipstick to the clothes for comparison, and choose a colour that is similar. If the clothes are black and white, bright red or fuchsia lipsticks will make you more gorgeous and starlike.
3. Select according to lip shape
For thick lips, choose a dark and thick lip colour and rub with powdery lipstick to make the lips look thin and thin. For thin lips, you should choose a light and bright lip colour, or finally add a layer of bright lipstick in the centre of the lips to make the lips look plump and full.
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