Best mascara for holding curl

Best mascara for holding curl

When the eyeshadow starts to fade, it is almost negligible, and even when many girls start to lose their eyeshadow, how can the eyes be more attractive?

The point is eyelashes, right?

So, choose a good mascara!
And the question is: how to choose mascara? (also see how to choose foundations)

Short eyelashes want long eyelashes, sparse eyelashes want thick eyelashes, and collapsed eyelashes want curling … The biggest factor in all this is brushing!

Ingredients for mascara

The ingredients of mascara are similar, but they are basically made of the wax, film-forming agent, fibre, and a few are moisturising ingredients and colouring agents.

For various mascaras with different effects, these components are combined in different proportions. For example, the long-type mascara has more fibres and the waterproof-type mascara has more gel content.

Brush head
Deciding whether a mascara can achieve the desired effect in everyone’s mind, brushing is very important, which is why major brands like to use special brushes as the focus of publicity!

So, choosing mascara involves many aspects!

First of all, mascara can be roughly divided into 4 categories according to its effectiveness: normal thick, curled, slender, and special brush heads for details.

So let ’s take a look at each of these brush heads and what kind of people they are suitable for.

The thick mane brush head

This is the most common type of brush head. The nylon material is large enough and the bristles are dense enough, so more paste can be attached to create a rich and dense eyelash effect.

Suitable for:
Girl with long eyelashes but not dense enough.

The long thin brush head

The bristles of the long brush head are not as dense as those of the thick brush head. The gap between the bristles is large. The brush head is slender, which can wrap the paste from the root of the eyelashes to create a clear effect. The makeup is natural and suitable for daily makeup.

Suitable for:
Girl with short but bushy eyelashes.

Curved brush head

If you want your lashes to curl like a small fan, then you need such a curved brush head. It keeps curls on the eyelashes during use, and it can take care of the eyelashes at the end of the eye and the eyelids.

Suitable for:
Girl with fallen eyelashes.

Special type
The very fine brush head

This brush head is suitable for those who don’t like the heavy mascara and like the daily eye makeup effect. This brush head is the most suitable.

Suitable for:
Girl with short eyelashes.

Comb type brush head

This brush head looks like a small plastic comb. When you brush your eyelashes, you can comb the eyelashes open, and the makeup effect is refreshing, and the eye makeup is not dirty.

Suitable for:
Girl with slender but not bushy eyelashes.

All-in-one brush head

Only a single function of mascara can not meet all needs, at this time a brush head that combines multiple effects into one appears. Not only can it be thick and thick, but it can also be elongated. It is enough to have one.

Suitable for:
Girls with multiple needs or poor eyelashes.



The “easy” tips for choosing a mascara brush head are based on your lash condition.

Short and dense: comb-type brush heads to lengthen eyelashes; extremely fine brush heads to take care of details.

Short and thin: Use an extra-fine brush or comb-type brush to lengthen the eyelashes, and then use a dense brush to fill the roots of the eyelashes.

Long and thin: dense or large brush head.

Long and dense: just buy whatever you want.


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