Best moisturiser for mature skin

Best moisturiser for mature skin

When the autumn and winter season is approaching, we can also obviously feel that the air is getting drier, and our skin is affected and becomes dry. The main effect of moisturising cream is to help the skin stay moist. Do you know how to use it? Let’s talk about the use time, method and effect of moisturiser.

What does a moisturiser do?

Moisturise the eye area

Pour a small amount of nourishing lotion into an almost clean cream bottle, and then slowly stir evenly with a cotton swab. Then put it in the eye mask paper, let it soak, and apply it under the eyes. This can effectively moisturise the eye area.

Hydrates the skin before applying makeup. Apply the cream thickly on the problem area, and wait for 3-5 minutes to massage evenly, which can not only improve the dryness but also make the makeup more convincing.

Moisturise skin

Applying moisturising cream on areas that are easy to dry and crack like elbows, knees, heels, etc., it will bring a very good moisturising effect. Special use of moisturising cream does not produce a greasy feel.

For makeup

Blend the foundation and cream in a 1: 1 ratio and use it evenly. The makeup feels natural and translucent, and it is more moisturised than using a lotion.


Moisturising cream can retain the moisture in the skin and delay the ageing problem caused by skin dehydration. Such as peeling, fine lines, rough.

When moisturiser is used?

For autumn and winter

The moisturising cream is suitable for autumn and winter. The moisturising cream contains more oil, the climate is dry in autumn and winter and the skin loses water faster. The use of moisturising cream can form a protective layer on the skin surface while reducing the rate of moisture loss, it can also enhance the skin’s resistance to external stimuli force.

For dry skin

The moisturising cream is suitable for people with dry skin. The moisturising cream is generally used after lotion. For people with dry skin, using moisturising cream can help maintain moisture in the skin and relieve dry skin.

For the morning

Moisturiser is suitable for the morning. The moisturiser contains more oil. It can protect the skin better in the morning. If it is used before going to bed at night, too much oil may cause the skin to be overburdened, which is not conducive to the skin’s self-repair at night.

Use after 12 years old

Although moisturiser is suitable for all ages, we recommend that you use it after 12 years old. Before the age of 12, the skin is delicate. At this time, using a special children’s cream can better care for the skin, so as not to use a moisturiser to increase the burden on the skin.

Moisturiser is used after lotion
The moisturising cream is generally used after the lotion, and the lotion is used after cleansing. Then you can use the lotion, or you can skip the lotion and use the moisturising cream directly, but it must be performed in the order of cleansing, toner, lotion, moisturise and cream. Absorb the nutrition of each skincare product.

Usage of moisturiser

Proper use steps

When using a moisturiser, the right steps can make the moisturiser work better. Generally, you need to clean your face thoroughly before applying moisturiser after using toner and lotion. In this order, the skin can better absorb the nutrition of skincare products in the order of toner, lotion and moisturiser.


When applying moisturising cream, first apply the eye area, then the cheeks, the sides of the mouth, the upper and lower jaw, etc. After applying these parts, apply the entire face, so that these dry parts are double moisturised.

With a massage

When applying moisturising cream, combined with a certain massage, can make the skin better absorbed. Generally, we should use the strength of the fingertips. The strength of the fingertips is moderate and elastic can make skin comfortable.


Using moisturisers in autumn and winter is much better than only using lotions. In summer, using a moisturiser may make the skin oily.


The ingredients in the moisturising cream are simple. In theory, it is a skin moisturising product suitable for all ages. However, considering that children’s skin is more delicate than adults, it is best to use a special children’s cream, which can better care for the skin.


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