The best eye shadow, you don’t want to miss out

The best eye shadow, you don’t want to miss out

Eyeshadows, like lipsticks, are women’s favourite items that cannot be stopped. They are bought for packaging, for colour, and for limited editions.

How to choose eye shadow

One of the most common mistakes when choosing an eye shadow is that you like to choose a large eye shadow palette with many colours. In fact, even a master makeup artist, a four-colour eye shadow palette may not be able to run out of four colours. Never consider yourself suitable for all colours. Drawing eye shadows looks simple, but it’s hard to get started. If the smudge is not good, it will look dirty.

Principles of choosing eye shadow

1. Choose a matte colour

First of all, we should choose a large earth colour in the choice of eye shadows, and a very important principle is matte. It is not recommended to buy full bright or pearly eyeshadow palettes. Because most people do not need such a colour when they work or go out, if they are for a party (except for a very exaggerated masquerade), matte colour is suitable for most formal occasions.

2. Don’t be too greedy in colour

Secondly, when you first choose your eye shadow, you do not choose an eye shadow palette with many colours and very messy colours. It may be very beautiful at first, but when all the colours are in front of you, either you won’t use those brighter colours because you don’t know how to use them at all. In the end, you will only use two or three colours, which is really wasteful.

Multi-colour eyeshadow palettes should wait until you are very skilled in the matting of eye shadows, and when you know how to match colours properly.

Eye shadow colour

1. Brown:

Easy to coordinate skin tone, generous and natural, not very exciting, but not prone to errors, neutral-tone eye shadow.

2, light red:

It is soft and can make the eyes clear and lovely. It is a bright-tone eye shadow and is not suitable for women with small eyes.

3. Purple:

With a sense of mystery, it can increase eye beauty, nobility, and cold arrogance.

4. Blue:

It can be used as a decorative colour. It is best to be used as an embellishment and not for large areas.

5. Yellow:

It can be used as a decorative colour and easy to apply. It is a soft and bright eye shadow.

6. Green:

Expresses youth, vitality, freshness, suitable for small area spot painting, jumping colour neutral colour eye shadow.

7. Gray:

Emphasizes changing eye structure.


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