The best foundation for your skin type

The best foundation for your skin type

The role of the foundation is not to turn your skin different instantly, but to make skin tone uniform, cover flaws, brighten skin tone and increase skin texture. By the combined action of haemoglobin and epidermis, the skin appears different shades, mainly divided into cold tones, warm tones and natural tones.

1, For people with cold skin tones, the skin will appear slightly pink or blue.

2, People with natural skin tones have neither pink, blue nor yellow skin, but somewhere in between.

3, For people with warm skin tones, the skin will appear slightly yellow and golden.

Foundation products are also divided into three shades: “cold tone”, “natural tone” and “warm tone”. Some are only divided into cold and warm because the natural-toned foundation can be used for cold skin and warm skin. The cold-toned foundation is pink, which corresponds to the cold-toned skin tone. The foundation in warm tones is yellow, which is suitable for warm skin tones.

How to judge the tone of your skin tone?

1, The blood vessels on the wrist are blue or purple for cold skin tone;

2, The blood vessels on the wrist are blue-green for a natural tone;

3, The blood vessels on the wrist are light green or olive colour for warm tone;

4, See which gold or silver jewellery line your skin better. If it is gold, it is a warm tone; if it is silver, it is a cold tone; whether it is silver jewellery or gold jewellery, it will line your skin with natural tones;

5, Warm colours will look better with warm colours. For example, bright colours such as tomato red, orange, and yellow will appear brighter. Most of these are also Asians who like to wear and feel strong.

Foundation Tips:

When testing the colour, don’t try it on the back of your hands or just apply it on your face. Trying to apply it on the position where the jaw meets the neck. Choose the three models with the same brightness in the same colour foundation and see which colour disappears into the skin, then this should be your colour number.

Then use this foundation to hit the whole face, observe whether it fits with your skin under the counter light, and the naturalness is enough, then look at the outdoor natural light to be able to withstand the test of two light sources, it is correct.


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