The top after sun products to treat sunburn

The top after sun products to treat sunburn

Summer is coming, and we all like to enjoy with the sun when going out. However, sometimes the amount of sunscreen products is insufficient and the SPF sunscreen products are not high enough to make the skin tanned or even sunburned.

The skin after being sunburned is very fragile. If it is not repaired in a timely and effective manner, the skin will not only get tanned but may also leave sunburn and wrinkles. Will cause greater damage to sensitive skin.

Therefore, in order to do a good job of post-sun repair, it is necessary to give corresponding phased care according to different states of the skin.

If your skin feels red, hot, or tingling after sunburn, you are likely to have a sunburn. At this time, even if outdoors, the skin should be treated as soon as possible within 2 hours. It should be noted that applying sunscreen at this time may not only be useless, it will also cause a deeper burden on the skin. The most effective way is to cool the skin.

How can we do after sunburn
1, cool down and calm down

Cooling down not only reduces melanin activity, slows down skin tanning, but also reduces the tingling sensation of sunburned skin. However, the skin after exposure is in a hot and sensitive state. If the face is directly covered with ice, or the mask is applied from the refrigerator, it will cause too strong alternating hot and cold stimuli, and the skin will easily cause allergic symptoms.

2, Hydration

Within two or three days after sun exposure, the sunburned skin will show symptoms of darkening, dryness and peeling. This stage is also the golden repair time after sun exposure.

Although whitening is important after sun exposure, the skin at this time is not suitable for irritating whitening products. In addition, since the skin loses a lot of water after sun exposure, and every subsequent functional repair needs to ensure that the skin is adequately hydrated, in the early stage after skin calming, do not rush to whiten. The most important thing is to soothe the skin, Strengthen hydration.

3, Deep repair

If you do not take any care after sun exposure, sunspots and fine lines may appear on your skin in about a month. Sunburn is caused by the release of melanin by melanocytes in the skin epidermis after UV irradiation, while fine lines are caused by ultraviolet rays that accelerate the loss of collagen in the skin, causing the eyes, cheekbones, and mouth corners Small fine lines appear everywhere.


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