Top 10 hair products for humidity and frizz

Top 10 hair products for humidity and frizz

How to choose hair products

Choose hair products based on the degree of hair damage
1) Mild damage: Hair starts to dull.

If your hair starts to get damaged, you need to use some low-care hair products, mainly to prevent further damage. When choosing hair products, we can choose some gel-like products that are suitable for low damaged hair. In addition, we can also use silicone oil and mineral oil products by observing the ingredient list, because silicone oil and various mineral oils are the most popular hair conditioners at present, and they are indeed inexpensive. But for low-damaged hair, we still useless if we don’t know the specific amount of these ingredients. The care effect of cations and fatty alcohols alone is more than enough.


2) Moderate damage: Hair begins to feel fragile, lacks tenacity, hair feels a bit dry and lacks moisture.

For moderately damaged hair, there are many hair products that can be used, and the common moisturising and moisturising products on the market can be used. In terms of all ingredients, the products using Behentrimonium chloride are less irritating than Cetrimonium chloride or Octadecyl trimethyl ammonium chloride. Choose some products that are easy to use, not sticky after rinsing, and have smooth, non-frizzy hair after drying, and smooth hair when dry, and choose according to your preference.


3) Severe damage: The hair obviously feels very rough and frizzy, it feels particularly dry when washing the hair, knots are very serious, and the ends of the hair are split.

For severely damaged hair, it can be said that the hair has reached the level of “sickness” or “coming to death”, and must use some high-care products. In this kind of products, the content of cations is relatively high, and the types of silicone oils used are more diverse, and various polymers are used to achieve the purpose of hair care.

Choose some tube-shaped essence conditioner. When using, avoid the skin and rinse off. At this time, it is not enough to use a rinsing conditioner. You need to use some no-rinsing care products to care for your hair. For severely split hair, there are currently no products on the market that can actually effectively repair split ends. It is better to cut off the split ends with one cut ~~


Hair oil

 Type I

Silane products are very hot recently, and their main components are relatively simple. They are low-molecular-weight polydimethylsiloxane and high-molecular-weight polydimethylsiloxane (or alkanol). Since the Cyclomethicone used in large quantities is a volatile substance, it does not produce a greasy feel during use and is very dry. After the low molecular weight Cyclopolydimethylsiloxane is volatilized, it is on the surface of the hair. Leaving high molecular weight polydimethylsiloxane (or alkanol), repairs are broken fur and hides moisture. Due to the special physical and chemical properties of the polymer-based siloxane, it can bring excellent powdery smoothness and silky feeling to the hair, which cannot be achieved by traditional natural oils.


 Type II

The most representative product of natural vegetable oil products is camellia seed hair oil. Its composition is 100% camellia seed oil. Since most of the natural vegetable oils are not volatile, when using such products, you must control the amount carefully, especially for thin and soft hair, remember not to use too much, otherwise it will really make your hair greasy.

The specific usage method is: when the hair is semi-dry, drip 2-3 drops on the palm of the hand, rub it away on the hand, and knead from the end of the hair. Due to the limitations of natural oils, the feel of this type of product on the hair is mainly oily, and it cannot bring a variety of powdery and silky feels like silane products. In addition, because natural oils are susceptible to rancidity, such products are prone to rancidity when left for a long time.


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