What is the best face toner to use

What is the best face toner to use

In fact, many people’s understanding of toners in their consciousness but still relatively vague, just to complete it as a step in skincare.  The uses of face toner need to be properly understood.

1, Hydration

The main ingredient of the toner is water, and other effective ingredients are added according to the effect. Moisturizing is the basic effect of toner. It replenishes the skin’s sebum film. After washing the face, the skin will become tight and dry. At this time, you need to apply toner in time.

The face toner can also be used as a facial mask. Soak the mask paper in the toner, and then apply it for 10-15 minutes. This makes a simple moisturizing mask, which does not need to be cleaned after application.

2. Balance the skin pH

Under normal conditions, the skin’s PH value is maintained between 4.5-6, which is a weakly acidic state. After washing your face, the skin’s PH value will change, which will cause discomfort accordingly. At this time, using a face toner will help the skin’s PH value, to make its returns to the normal state, so it has the effect of adjusting the acid-base balance of the skin. Of course, toners are categorized for different skin types and can be selected based on needs.

3. Astringent skin

Many people have troubles with large pores. After washing their face with warm water, they will stimulate the pores to open. This will make it easier for oil and dirt to accumulate, and the vicious circle will make the pores larger. At this time, a toner with an astringent effect is needed. Generally, this type of face toner contains a trace amount of alcohol, which can clean the skin again, condense pores, reduce the accumulation of oil and dirt, and effectively control the further expansion of pores.

4, Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory

Part of the face toner contains trace amounts of alcohol, which can effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria on the surface of the skin and can also effectively prevent the occurrence of acne, with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects.

5. Enhance skin elasticity

After cleansing, use toner to make the skin moist and soft, and then use any skincare products to get better ductility, which can help the skin absorb, and it is also good for makeup.

6, degaussing

Some toners have a detoxifying function, which can help the skin to fall off smoothly and make the skin look shinier. It can be applied more frequently on thicker locations such as the wing, chin, forehead, etc., which is conducive to the cleaning of the stromal layer.

7. One more time

After washing your face, some fine crumbs often remain on the skin. At this time, using a face toner can clean these crumbs well, and then clean it again.


When it comes to skincare products containing alcohol, many people will be sincere and fear that it will hurt our skin. In fact, there may be some misunderstandings. We need to look rationally at the alcohol content in toners.

You need to judge your skin texture. Generally, dry or sensitive skin will feel uncomfortable after using toner containing alcohol. It is best to avoid using it. For oily and combination skin, the use of toner containing alcohol can help remove excess oil and dirt and keep the skin fresh.

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