What is the best mud mask for your face

What is the best mud mask for your face

Do you really know how to choose and use a mud mask?

The variety of masks on the market is dazzling. DIY masks seem to be more and more popular now, but not every mask is suitable for you, with different ingredients and different materials, different masks are different for different skins.

If we use mud masks rashly, not only will it not be good for our skin, but it will cause damage to the skin. Whether mud mask is useful or not, you can’t just look at the price, brand, or word of mouth, but choose according to a different user.

1. According to skin type (very important).

Same mash is suits your friends but is maybe not suitable for you necessarily, everyone’s skin type is different, we must first choose a mask that suits you according to your skin.

1) If the skin is rough, the pores are large, the face is always oily, and the acne often grows on the forehead, cheeks, chin and sides of the nose, then your skin is oily skin. For this type, choose a mud mask with hydration and oil control.

2) In the winter or air-conditioned rooms, like an office, the skin is often a bit stretched, and the corners of the eyes and forehead often have fine lines. In severe cases, the nose and forehead will peel, which indicates that you have dry skin. So, use a moisturizing mud mask.

3) The cheeks feel refreshed, but there is always a clear lustre in the T zone. Acne is often on the forehead and the sides of the nose. This is a common mixed skin type. Different skincare products or mud mask are best for different areas.

4) If the skin can see red blood shots, or itching when it is exposed to the sun, or it is often allergic to skincare products, the skin is red, swollen, and painful. This is sensitive skin. Choose for sensitive skin only products, and if it is serious, ask your doctor for help.

5) If the skin is delicate and shiny, there are no fine lines and no acne, and it is not easy to be allergic. It is fortunate that you have the most rational neutral skin.

2. Know what you want

According to your skin type,  you have to make sure what you want, Moisturize? Anti-wrinkle? Deep clean? Get rid of acne? Oil control? Calm? Or just soothing? Pick the type what you want.

3. Different ingredients have different effects

Each mask has its own product ingredients, efficacy, usage, and precautions. Although each product has an ingredient description, most people do not understand the role of each ingredient, which involves a lot of expertise. Relevant professional vocabulary and knowledge will make a lot help in choosing masks and skincare products. Of course, you can come to Beauty Ratings to see what our users think of the product as well.

Many people have a misunderstanding in their thinking that natural fruits and vegetables are not harming the skin. Some foods or plants (such as fresh aloe vera) do have moisturizing and calming effects on the face, but in different seasons, the skin resist the external environment will be different, especially when the season changes, the skin will become more fragile, at this time, the skin will be prone to allergies.

Relevant knowledge is important. Do not make a mud mask casually. We have to first understand the relevant professional knowledge, be able to identify its harmfulness, and then select it based on our skin type. The process of making a mask requires constant experimentation, I have to say again, everyone’s skin type is different, the required doses and ingredients are different, some ingredients and steps on the internet may not suits to you.

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