What is the safest and natural baby shampoo?

What is the safest and natural baby shampoo?

We all know that washing your baby’s hair is not just for cleaning, it’s more important to keep your baby’s scalp healthy and protect your baby from bacterial infections.

However, in the face of more and more baby bath products emerging in the market, how should we choose? Let’s take a look at the 5 main points for purchasing baby shampoos.

1. Fragrance-free, soap-free neutral baby shampoo.

The baby’s scalp is tender and thin, and it is easy to absorb things on the skin surface. If the shampoo is not selected properly, it will easily cause damage to the hair follicles and affect the healthy growth of the hair. When choosing cleaning products for infants, mothers should not only focus on fragrance but choose neutral cleaning products that are free of fragrance and soap, so as not to burden the baby’s skin.

2. Mild non-irritating baby shampoo with moderate pH.

It has moisturising ingredients and is easy to dissolve in water. Such shampoos will minimize skin and eye irritation. Excessive alkalinity will damage the baby’s scalp’s sebum, cause itchy dry scalp, shorten the life of the hair, and make the hair fragile.

3. Shampoo with high water content.

Baby shampoos or other care products for infants and toddlers have a high water content relative to adult products. It is best not to choose a very thick infant or baby skincare products and shampoo products.

4. Choose a foamy baby shampoo.

When washing your baby’s hair, do not apply the baby shampoo directly on the baby’s head. Applying it directly is irritating. When choosing baby shampoos, moms should choose shampoos with foaming pumps as much as possible. The extruded foam is directly exquisite and does not harm the baby’s scalp.

5. Choose a tearless formula.

The tear-free formula shampoo is milder and does not irritate the eyes. That is, your baby can bath happily with eyes open. The baby does not cry or make trouble, which can protect the baby’s delicate tear glands and skin around the eyes very well.


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